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4 Denich, Jakša

Point Guard
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Only three weeks after the sudden disappearance of local hero Damir Gal, Zagreb City basketball and streetball scene has suffered yet another tremendous loss. 32-year old point guard Jaksa Denich, who’s unlimited energy and devotion to the game on and off the court were contagious, was shot to death.

Jaksa embraced Michael Jordan as his basketball hero. He named his son after the late NY City legend Conrad McRae. He was close to NBA PG Chucky Atkins during his two-year stint with the local powerhouse Cibona Zagreb (1997-1999).

All of us who played and talked with him will always remember his dribbling skills, cross-over moves ala Tim Hardaway, threes and above all ability to control his temper and pace at absolutely all times.

I repeat this is a tremendous loss to Zagreb City basketball and streetball community because Jaksa was one of it’s most quiet but also most reliable cornerstones enhanced with his strong will and unquestionable work ethic.

Above all Jaksa was spiritual person who also wrote poetry in the free time. He felt comfortable and safe on the court. Basketball has shown him the right path in life, but the severe Zagreb city reality has taken that away from him in the most tragic way.


Rest in Peace, Jakša.
Počivao u Miru, Jakša.