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Sime Taras (CRO)



ADRIATIC LEAGUE – 5th ROUND: Zadar 77, Partizan 66
Written by Sime Taras
Tuesday, 19 January 2010 09:39



This weekend`s most interesting Adriatic League match ended in Zadar`s win over Partizan, a team who has dominated this league for the past three years. The final result was 77-66. Zadar now lies in the fourth place of Adriatic League standings, with 3 wins and 2 defeats.


In front of 6500 fans, Zmago Sagadin players showed some great defence and were in control almost the whole match. Rok Stipcevic lead the Zadar team with 18 points and 4 assists, along with Hrvoje Peric (15 points, 5 rebounds, 3 blocks) and Damir Rancic (11 points). New Zadar`s back up PG Vedran Morovic also participated with 2 points and 1 assist in 4 minutes spent on the court. Best Partizan players were Aleksandar Maric (16 points, 12 rebounds) and Jan Vesely (16 points, 4 rebounds).


Duel of Zadar and Partizan are always enchanted with a special attention, irrelevant of the position of the scale, irrelevant of the team ambitions. So it was this time. In front of around 6500 fans the main event of the evening could begin.


The game was set up as expected. Both coaches showed special attention to the defense, Partizan used the inside game with Maric, Vesely and Roberts while Zadar was more open to three point shots and pick and roll and pick and pop game. Partizan players weren`t able to hit their open shots and that gave them problems in the offense.


Zadar began to separate in the second quarter. While the first quarter was pretty tied and ended 13-10, in the second quarter Zadar started to play better and after two succesful three pointers by Peric And Rancic Zadar had a ten point advantage. By the end of the first half it has been reduced to 39-27.


The third quarter did not bring any change. Zadar successfully balanced between 10 and 15 points in advantage until the final two minutes of the quarter when Partizan reduced to 56-47, with good play of Milosevic and Roberts.


In the middle of the fourth quarter Partizan came to 63-59, but then Car, Boisa and Ruzic with their succesful three point shots return Zadar to a ten point advantage. Rok Stipcevic sealed the game with his two three pointers in the last minute of the game. The final result was 77-66.


In the next round Zadar plays against the undefeated Cibona in Zagreb, their biggest rival. A great game is always guaranteed between these two opponents.







BC ZADAR: Meeting of the Board has been held
by Sime Taras,
Monday, 29 June 2009 19:56



Transfer budget for the season determined to be around one million euros.


Hello again from Zadar, this is my newest report from the city of basketball.


Few days ago there was a meeting of the board of the BC Zadar where some important decisions have been made. Dino Perovic has unanimously been chosen as the new chairman of BC Zadar and a new board with 13 members has been elected. It has also been confirmed that the head coach for the next season will be Zmago Sagadin, who has been the head coach of BC Zadar the last two months. He will also be in charge of chosing the team and he will be resposible for the results in the forecoming season. The budget will be smaller than on the beginning of the previous season but there will be enough funds to create a respectable team.


It is estimated that the transfer budget will be around one million euros. Although head coach Zmago Sagadin didn`t want to bring any names of potential new players, there are a lot of speculations such as signing Pankracije Barac and Jure Lalic, former players of BC Zadar who have played their last season in Charleroi, Belgium. There are also some other players who have been linked with BC Zadar such as Damjan Rudez, Darlon Johnson, David Huertas, Steponas Babrauskas, Manuchar Markoishvili.


Zmago Sagadin has gathered a lot of young players from all over Dalmatia and they have been training together for some time now and if any of them satisfies head coach he will be signed.


It is also likely that Julius Juby Johnson and Todor Gecevski, who have been the members of BC Zadar for the last five years, are leaving. Best of luck to both of them.


To sum it up, the goals of BC Zadar for the next season are winning the Croatian Championship, to be on the final four tournament of the NLB League and to be on the final eight tournament of the Eurocup. Will they succeed, only time will tell.



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