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Book Release: “Relentless” by Tim Grover (April 16th)

Tim Grover & Kobe Bryant


Can anyone describe in simple, plain English who Tim Grover is? What his workouts are all about? What’s the meaning of RELENTLESS? Kobe Bryant couldn’t have said it better: “If you took the guys who trained Secretariat and Man o’War and combine them into one barbarian, that’s Tim training Michael Jordan and me”.


Tim Grover ( is revealing in RELENTLESS – his new book that launches worldwide on April 16th– how everyone can use weaknesses, fears and emotions towards their benefit. Towards achieving success.


If you know who you really are, what you are made of, none of them matter. No fear, no weakness, no emotion is visible when you are in the Zone. You can be all burned up inside but still, iced outside. RELENTLESS is definitely not a basketball book!!! You won’t find any systems, any plays, no drills routine.


RELENTLESS is all about trusting your instincts and using your mind to get your body to perform at its excellence. It sounds simple but is it? Follow Tim Grover’s “RELENTLESS 13” list where everything is marked No1 and you will make the impossible so possible.


You are the only one that can control your dark side and use it to your advantage. The only one that can take a human weakness and transform it into strength. When you can control what – for others- seems the uncontrollable- then you will be truly relentless.


Like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, coach Mike Krzyzewski, Charles Barkley, Pat Riley and many more from the elite hundreds that are working or have worked with Tim Grover over the years. Great athletes who made an impact in European basketball like Robbie Hummell and Maciej Lampe in ACB, Henry Domercant, Jerome Randle, Cenk Akyol in Turkey, Enes Kanter in the NBA, David Moss in Sienna, Patrick Beverley, Jannero and Jeremy Pargo in Greece, Russia, Israel; the list could go on and on and on.


Tim Grover & Dwyane Wade


RELENTLESS is a book that will make you see life from a different perspective. RELENTLESS is a book that will definitely make you better- if not GREAT- at what you do. As coach Ettore Messina points out “RELENTLESS explains how the power of the mind over any kind of physical and technical talent will lead you to perform at the very top of your potential”.


Coach Sergio Scariolo refers to Coach Grover as “the guru of physical and mental preparation” and recommends his book as a must read piece. RELENTLESS is without a doubt, one of the few books available that won’t sweeten your ears.


On the contrary, RELENTLESS is brutally honest and Tim Grover is using facts and incidents to be accurate. Reading RELENTLESS will teach you that there’s no such thing as luck. Just opportunities and circumstances that you must know how to take advantage in order to become UNSTOPPABLE.


It’s about time y’all say “I own this” and RELENTLESS is going to guide you how to do it. Just “hire” – for as long as your reading lasts – Tim Grover via RELENTLESS as your physical specialist and when you are done, put in action everything the book was all about.


Start your journey to perfection; learn the secrets of being in the zone by pre-ordering Relentless on:


This is the only way of becoming a “CLEANER”– one of the elites of Tim Grover.




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