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RIMINI, ITALY: 230 Coaches attend Clinic “Giovanni Papini”

More than 230 coaches attended the last weekend the second edition of the International Clinic ‘Giovanni Papini’, organized in Rimini by the ‘Giorgio Gandolfi – Sport Marketing, Events & Communication’ with the Italian Basketball Federation and the National Coaches Committee. The successful Clinic on italian Riviera it has been one of the top in Europe, hosting great lecturers like former Los Angeles Lakers coaching consultant Ettore Messina, now came back to CSKA Moscow, Regal Barcelona head coach and Liga Endesa champion Xavi Pascual, North Carolina University assistant coach Steve Robinson, Montverde Academy head coach Kevin Boyle and former NBA coach Don Casey.


All the lessons have been appreciated by the coaches crowd, including also several Serie A coaches, like italian coach of the year Romeo Sacchetti (Sassari), and also former players that are becoming coach, like former Italian National Team point guard Gianmarco Pozzecco. Ettore Messina and Xavi Pascual have a real standing ovation, but also Steve Robinson lessons were very effective because of his way to relating with the crowd.


During the Clinic Papini, the Italian Basketball Federation also awarded sixteen coaches like ‘Meritorious of Excellence Coaches”: Bruno Arrigoni, Alberto Bucci, Settimio Pagnini, Dan Peterson, Dino Costa, Gianni Corsolini, Gianni Lambruschi, Arnaldo Taurisano, Giuseppe ‘Dido’ Guerrieri, Ettore Messina, Aldo Corno, Sandro Gamba, Antonio Pozzati, Carlo Recalcati, Carlo Rinaldi, e Giampiero Ticchi.

“I saw a lot of good young players – Ettore Messina told – it’s non true that in the past young players are better. The world is changing, people change, we have only to find the way to move their interest”.


“It has been really a good experience for me – told an excited Xavi Pascual – here I found a great organization, made by basketball lovers, and such a great crowd made me feel responsible to be a good lecturer”.


“It’s a honor to have been part of this high level clinic, with a lot of coaches really involved” said UNC assistant Steve Robinson, who enjoyed his first experience in Italy.


“Beside the numbers – said the organizer Giorgio Gandolfi – the most important thing is that the crowd of coaches is satisfied by the clinic, for lecturers and lessons. I have to thank Luciano Capicchioni, Interperformances and Adria Congrex for their hospitality. Now we’re ready to start working for next year clinics, always with the strong partnership of the Italian Basketball Federation and the National Coaches Committee”.


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