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NO EXCEPTION? European phenom Dario Saric caught between “dress codes” of Adidas & Nike

Adidas Nike Takeover



European phenom Dario Saric made a huge sacrifice last weekend skipping two complete games for Croatian U19 NT in front of 50+ NBA executives.


As Nike endorsee he was not allowed to perform in the Nike sneakers because Adidas is the exclusive sponsor of all Croatian Basketball Federation youth programs.


According to Radicevic, prior to Saturday’s game with Serbia, Saric has asked Croatian U19 NT head coach Drazen Brajkovic if he could wear his Nike sneakers.

He received an negative answer.


photo by Radicevic

Saric wearing Nike slippers on Croatian U19 bench
(photo by Vladimir Radicevic/

Croatian Basketball Federation General Secretary Zeljko Draksic made the following
comment about the ongoing situation (source: Radicevic):


“In our deal with Adidas it is strictly precized, which all our youth selections’ members are pretty much aware, that they are obligate to wear the complete sports equipment made by our techinical sponsor.


Saric is the first case of this kind in Croatia. Of course that there were players who had private deals with the private businesses and I find it OK, but that was after they became the part of their senior teams. He (Saric) can not be an exception!


Kobe Bryant, for example, is Nike endorsee, but he plays the games in Adidas uniform and wears track suit with Adidas logo because Adidas is the principal sponsor of NBA.


Croatian Basketball Federation was not aware that Saric has a private contract with Nike, but he should have known what kind of contract CBS has with Adidas. We really have nothing to discuss with the Nike people since the situation seems absolutely clear.”



photo by Radicevic

Saric wearing Adidas sneakers in separate workout
(photo by Vladimir Radicevic/


Nike executives have apperently send a memo to FIBA in order to protect Saric and to find the most suitable solution for all sides involved in the situation.


According to Dario’s mother, Vesna Saric, it seems likely that Nike and Adidas executives will set up a meeing in order to resolve the situation and to enable him to do what he does best – play basketball.



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