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HUNGRY YOUNG WOLVES: Cibona pays it’s debt to Zubcic and Radosevic to prevent their early leave

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According to Vecernji list/Drazen Brajdic strugling Croatian powerhouse somehow managed to pay it’s growing debt to potential draftees Zubcic and Radosevic just before contract deadline.


Rough estimate is that the two have received just around 200.000 US$. Compesation claim for European teams amounts 500000 Euros for each of the players, while the same figure for NBA teams is a bit lower at 500000 US$.


Cibona has made this move just before run out of the contract clause which would enable both players to freely leave in the case of the more lucrative offer which both have received lately.


Both Zubcic and Radosevic have attended NBA workouts for the last 2 weeks and will be eager to showcase their skills on this weekend’s Adidas Eurocamp elite gathering in Treviso, Italy.


According to a undisclosed scouting source “Sixers could use their 2nd round pick on a Euro sleeper. Zubcic shot lights out at the workout in Philly and showed off his fluid athleticism, ball handling ability, and range shooting ability. He is said to be a 1st round talent who will drop because his contract runs through 2014. A name to keep an eye on.”


Both Zubcic and Radosevic share the same agent who has been very clear about his intentions regarding the two: “If they are succesfull in Treviso we will stay IN. Otherwise we will decide to go OUT.” NBA Draft early entry withdrawal deadline is scheduled for June 13th 2011 (5:00 p.m. ET).


Third and the most exponated of Cibona “Young Guns” trio, talented G/F Bojan Bogdanovic has reportedly leave for U.S.A. where he will attending series of workouts in the next couple of weeks in an effort to increase his current Draft stock.


Interestingly enough both Zubcic and Radosevic could face elite Croatian U19 squad (feat. Saric, Hezonja and Mavra), which will be the special guest of 2011 Adidas Eurocamp.




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