On Monday FIBA Europe announced that versatile Checz forward Jan Vesely (Partizan) is the winner of the 2010 Young Men’s Player of the Year award. Vesely edged out three-time winner PG Ricky Rubio of Spain in both the public and an expert panel vote...

  DARIO SARIC, ZAGREB CO (PHOTO: GOL.HR)   After returning from this year’s Nike Hoops Summit European phenom Dario Saric (born in 1994) made the following statement for CroHoops.com:   “Everything was excellent especially the l...

    After being the youngest member of International squad in 2011 Nike Hoop Summit in Portland, European phenom Dario Saric made a memorable comeback to his domestic obligations.   Playing for Dubrava Zagreb in Croatian A1 League qualifyin...

MLADEN ERJAVEC (photo by ezadar.hr)   After the convincing 80-62 loss to Zadar in the 8th round of Croatian Championship Zagreb CO management board made a relative unexpected decision to fire head coach Mladen “Eri” Erjavec.   During...

2011 ZAGREB CO JUNIOR TEAM (photo by www.kk-zagreb.hr) Zagreb CO junior team coached by Andrej Tesla is very glad to take part in the final NIJT Euroleague Tournament which will take place in Barcelona during the course of Euroleague Final Four. Young ...

MARIO HEZONJA, ZAGREB CO   On Thursday Zagreb CO had an relatively easy task against French powerhouse INSEP winning the game by 76:65.   INSEP was led by phenom Hugo Invernizzi who scored 24 points to go along with 6 boards and 4 steals. Howeve...

6’11” JOSH HEYTVELT WENT 6-8 FROM DOWNTOWN   Croatian Cup winner Zagreb CO had no real problem with Zadar’s pressing defence and opened the semifinal series of Croatian League playoffs with convincing 79:98 road win on Visnjik. &...

CROATIAN LEAGUE MVP – LUKA ZORIC, ZAGREB CO (photo by ezadar.hr)     Although Zagreb CO has recently been playing without their major season reinforcements, C Mario Kasun & G Alex Renfroe, it again managed to capitalize it’s inte...

Decisive game 3 of Cedevita vs Cibona series received huge publicity push thanks to the head coaches’ feud between Cedevita’s Aleksandar “Aco” Petrovic and Cibona’s Josip “Joke” Vrankovic.   Capacity crowd of...

  Zagreb was able to explore it’s overall physical presence and relative freshness in order to convincingly win game 1 of Croatian A1 League final series by 58:73.   Cedevita had no answer to the play of long-armed Zagreb CO C Luka Zoric w...

    In front of 2500 spectators in Trnsko, Zagreb CO managed to take advantage of their homecourt and to win game 2 of the final series by 82:72. Home team grabbed the early lead but Cedevita managed to stay close at the halftime (37:36) thanks ...

  …what could be a major blow not only for Croatian but also for regional basketball organization in it’s future efforts.   Cedevita’s management is extremely unhappy with the level of officiating provided by referee trio Radov...

Top 10 Plays of the Week XVI

Tablica Lige nakon 15. kola

1. Jankomir 15-1(1457:1194) 31b
2. Savica 14-1 (1433:1166) 29b (-1)
3. Trešnjevka 9-7 (1442:1361) 25b
4. Zadar 10-4 (1253:1106) 24b (-2)
5. Invicta 9-6 (1238:1148) 24b (-1)
6. Optika 6-8 (1135:1178) 20b (-2)
7. Sloboština 5-9 (1162:1142) 19b (-2)
8. Dubrava 6-7 (1006:1122) 19b (-3)
9. Hrelić 3-12 (1157:1321) 18b (-1)
10. MD Zadar 3-11(1001:1232) 17b (-1)
11. Bjelovar 3-7 (684:774) 13b
12. Zelina 4-7(554:793) 13b

ažurirano: 12.2.2017.

Nastup tjedna – Franjo Grbešić

Lista Strijelaca Sezona 2016/17

1Grozdanić, MarkoInvicta30.8
2Morić, IvanDubrava Y-Hill28.0
3Baran, NikolaInvicta26.1
4Tomić, KarloMali Dućan Zadar26.0
5Mijić, DamirSavica City25.2
6Perić, LucianMali Dućan Zadar25.0
7Kalinić, AdamKK Zelina24.6
8Gogić, IvanJankomir Transformers24.3
9Stanić, FilipSlobostina24.0
10Šiptar, TomislavTresnjevka Zrinjevac23.5
11Beram, DominikMali Dućan Zadar23.5
12Boras, TomislavTresnjevka Zrinjevac23.3
13Kolanović, Toni22.3
14Palinić, FilipMali Dućan Zadar22.0
15Nikolić, IlijaBjelovar Go2Oka21.5
16Raić, DomagojHrelic Disneyland21.1
17Barbir, MateOptika Sokol20.6
18Žilić, LukaZadar20.5
19Franjić, DarioTresnjevka Zrinjevac19.8
20Kežman, BojanInvicta19.0
21Lončar, TomoSlobostina18.6
22Baljkas, JosipHrelic Disneyland18.3
23Dodig, KrešimirMali Dućan Zadar18.3
24Perić, DominikCroHoops Weekly Report #118.0
25Pandur, KarloKK Zelina18.0
26Baričević, AlanJankomir Transformers17.8
27Kovačević, TomislavSlobostina17.5
28Lovrić, MiroBjelovar Go2Oka17.3
29Salopek, TomislavSavica City17.3
30Nikolić, IvanBjelovar Go2Oka16.8
31Grbešić, FranjoInvicta16.6
32Maglić, MarkoDubrava Y-Hill16.5
33Vinko, MarinDubrava Y-Hill16.2
34Brigljević, IgorHrelic Disneyland15.8
35Trepalovac, AlenSavica City15.7
36Milković, NenadJankomir Transformers15.6
37Krajačić, FredSavica City15.5
38Čikeš, IvoKK Zelina15.0
39Milković, TomislavSlobostina15.0
40Bashota, LukaHrelic Disneyland15.0
41Bilandžija, FranoDubrava Y-Hill14.8
42Livajić, DarijoJankomir Transformers14.2
43Mamić, HrvojeOptika Sokol14.1
44Hrabar, MarkoOptika Sokol14.1
45Vrček, VidSlobostina13.8
46Karuc, IvanZadar13.7
47Capan, TomislavOptika Sokol13.4
48Hlevnjak, MarkoDubrava Y-Hill13.1
49Grašić, MichaelTresnjevka Zrinjevac13.0
50Jović, NikolaDubrava Y-Hill13.0
51Soldo, PetarMali Dućan Zadar13.0
52Krivić, IvanTresnjevka Zrinjevac12.8
53Poldrugač, MarkoKK Zelina12.7
54Piasevoli, IvanZadar12.6
55Ivanković, Mario12.3
56Devčić, BranimirSavica City12.3
57Babić, GoranOptika Sokol12.0
58Tomić, LukaMali Dućan Zadar12.0
59Pajić, ZoranBjelovar Go2Oka12.0
60Jonjić, Ivan11.8
61Bekavac, LukaJankomir Transformers11.7
62Rončević, JurajInvicta11.5
63Sikavica, JoškoJankomir Transformers11.4
64Štimac, Bruno11.4
65Krivić, JakovTresnjevka Zrinjevac11.4
66Rogović, DorianBjelovar Go2Oka11.2
67Gulam, DinoKK Zelina11.1
68Meglaj, FilipJankomir Transformers11.0
69Uzelac, NikolaDubrava Y-Hill11.0
70Pavlov, GoranSavica City10.8
71Malenica, Ivan10.7
72Prošev, AndrejTresnjevka Zrinjevac10.7
73Juran, PereMali Dućan Zadar10.7
74Škifić, NikoMali Dućan Zadar10.6
75Deković, MatkoZadar10.6
76Begonja, LukaMali Dućan Zadar10.5
77Batan, LeonInvicta10.5
78Medak, MiranJankomir Transformers10.5
79Slišković, SašaSavica City10.3
80Ramljak, IvanHrelic Disneyland10.1
81Lončar, TomislavJankomir Transformers10.1
82Fruk, JosipKK Zelina10.0
83Frljak, MatijaKK Zelina10.0
84Jurajec-Baranović, MelkiorTresnjevka Zrinjevac10.0
85Slunjski, IvanHrelic Disneyland9.7
86Oroz, AntonioOptika Sokol9.7
87Kos, BorisOptika Sokol9.7
88Marčinković, NedoTresnjevka Zrinjevac9.6
89Matić, DomagojJankomir Transformers9.4
90Car, IgorSlobostina9.4
91Vukoja, IvanInvicta9.4
92Starjački, VjekoslavDubrava Y-Hill9.3
93Božić, HrvojeSavica City9.3
94Dmitrović, MarkoSavica City9.1
95Benković, TomislavOptika Sokol9.0
96Prica, VedranDubrava Y-Hill9.0
97Vrdoljak, VinkoSlobostina8.8
98Bebek, MarioHrelic Disneyland8.8
99Kolovrat, DinoBjelovar Go2Oka8.7
100Mazić, LeonardoInvicta8.7
101Galić, DenienHrelic Disneyland8.3
102Tomasović, MarkoSavica City8.1
103Kurta, Niko8.0
104Radonjić, NikolaMali Dućan Zadar8.0
105Jugović, DamirBjelovar Go2Oka8.0
106Pojavnik, JosipInvicta8.0
107Špiček, LovroSlobostina7.9
108Melkić, MladenBjelovar Go2Oka7.8
109Doderović, MarkoJankomir Transformers7.7
110Zeman, IvorBjelovar Go2Oka7.5
111Zorica, NikolaSlobostina7.5
112Mareković, RajkoOptika Sokol7.5
113Marijan, AnteSavica City7.3
114Perić, BojanMali Dućan Zadar7.1
115Kalinić, TomislavKK Zelina7.0
116Cikron, AndrijaDubrava Y-Hill7.0
117Pokas, KrunoBjelovar Go2Oka7.0
118Pajić, ViktorBjelovar Go2Oka7.0
119Škorić, MarkoOptika Sokol6.9
120Horvat, LukaOptika Sokol6.6
121Belošić, TomislavKK Zelina6.6
122Bosnić, BojanSavica City6.5
123Govedarica, PetarInvicta6.4
124Horvat, KrunoslavHrelic Disneyland6.4
125Pejović, SilvanoSlobostina6.4
126Antolović, TomislavHrelic Disneyland6.3
127Horvatin, BrunoOptika Sokol6.3
128Plavec, MarkoOptika Sokol6.3
130Ćurić, IvanDubrava Y-Hill6.0
131Sabljak, SvenInvicta6.0
132Gregorić, KarloHrelic Disneyland6.0
133Jurković, TomislavSlobostina6.0
134Benčić, Bruno6.0
135Milaković, SašaInvicta5.9
136Lešić, HrvojeJankomir Transformers5.8
137Mračić, TomislavZadar5.8
138Dananić, HrvojeKK Zelina5.5
139Gluhačić, KarloSlobostina5.2
140Buljan, Branimir5.2
141Šutalo, FilipMali Dućan Zadar5.0
142Vranešić, FilipDubrava Y-Hill5.0
143Canjuga, JosipDubrava Y-Hill5.0
144Deković, JurajZadar4.9
145Radaković, IgorInvicta4.9
146Bralić, ViceZadar4.9
147Jelavić, TomislavJankomir Transformers4.8
148Džale, MarinkoTresnjevka Zrinjevac4.8
149Šandrić, EnioJankomir Transformers4.7
150Glamuzina, GoranSlobostina4.7
151Zoričić, TomislavHrelic Disneyland4.5
152Kero, MarkoOptika Sokol4.4
153Arvay, ZrinkoBjelovar Go2Oka4.3
154Plećaš, NikolaOptika Sokol4.0
155Butina, TomislavOptika Sokol4.0
156Kelava, MarioBjelovar Go2Oka4.0
157Boras, ZvonimirTresnjevka Zrinjevac3.8
158Antolković, IvanHrelic Disneyland3.8
159Dželalija, ToniInvicta3.5
160Stanković, AndroHrelic Disneyland3.3
161Jelović, AnteMali Dućan Zadar3.0
162Mićin, KristijanDubrava Y-Hill3.0
163Švec, IvanSavica City2.9
164Abazović, SanelSlobostina2.8
165Ljolje, Marin2.7
166Bekavac, AnteJankomir Transformers2.6
167Marčinković, LukaTresnjevka Zrinjevac2.4
168Ljubičić, LovreMali Dućan Zadar2.4
169Skroče, StipeTresnjevka Zrinjevac2.3
170Baštek, KarloMali Dućan Zadar2.2
171Nivić, VlahoZadar2.1
172Popović, MatejDubrava Y-Hill2.0
173Ćubek, NikolaKK Zelina2.0
174Crnjac, LukaDubrava Y-Hill2.0
175Mesiček, MarkoJankomir Transformers2.0
176Hajdić, RokoZadar2.0
177Šuškvić, TinoDubrava Y-Hill2.0
178Pera, FabioMali Dućan Zadar2.0
179Kaliterna, IvanSlobostina2.0
180Jambrović, Marko2.0
181Alavanja, JureDubrava Y-Hill2.0
182Štokić, DanielInvicta1.8
183Vidman, NenadOptika Sokol1.6
184Nenadić, ZlatkoJankomir Transformers1.5
185Erslan, ŠimeZadar1.5
186Pavelić, MijatHrelic Disneyland1.4
187Lujo, DinoInvicta1.0
188Tomičić, IvanMali Dućan Zadar0.7
189Muža, IvanSlobostina0.0
190Maslovara, DeanSlobostina0.0
191Mahmutović, AlanSavica City0.0
192Picok, GoranSlobostina0.0
193Lopac, VjekoMali Dućan Zadar0.0
194Malec, MarkoHrelic Disneyland0.0
195Tomac, MarkoOptika Sokol0.0
196Repec, Filip0.0
197Malnar, AntonSlobostina0.0
198Matijević, AnteHrelic Disneyland0.0
199Kalinić, LukaKK Zelina0.0
200Lončar, LukaJankomir Transformers0.0
201Perinić, LovreMali Dućan Zadar0.0
202Boras, AntonioOptika Sokol0.0
203Bagarić, MatejSlobostina0.0
204Belas, IvanDubrava Y-Hill0.0
205Kapelčan, MladenOptika Sokol0.0