“Very few players can get to me, but all time best was Drazen Petrovic. Drazen Petrovic, who used to play for Portland and New Jersey before he was killed in an automobile accident in Germany in June 1993. I loved him as player but hated him as a person. He got under my skin. Maybe because I was jealous of the way he shot the ball. Quickest release in the game. One shooter to other, I envied his ability. But man, that Yugoslavian **** (my repair: Drazen was Crotian nationality) used to eat me up. I’d be talking trash to him in my, and he would still come off screens. Just like I do to other guys.

One time in New Jersey, we had a lead, and I was talking constant **** to him. They started to make a comeback, mostly because of Petrovic shooting. He came of screen, made the shot, and all the way down the court he was pointing in my face, saying ****. He was the Yugoslavian version of me – except I was easier to understand. People didn’t think he talked ****. They figured he was a foreign player, what did he know about the game?

Trust me, he knew the game from A – Z.”Reggie Miller (paragraph taken from “Gene Wojciechowski with Reggie Miller: “I love being the enemy”)


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