CROATIAN LEAGUE MVP – LUKA ZORIC, ZAGREB CO (photo by     Although Zagreb CO has recently been playing without their major season reinforcements, C Mario Kasun & G Alex Renfroe, it again managed to capitalize it’s inte...

LEADER OF THE WOLFPACK – BOJAN BOGDANOVIC (photo by   With nothing to lose Cibona approached game 2 of the heated semifinal series vs Cedevita with incredible energy and motivation to prove their current worth.   By closel...

    In the 3rd round of 2011 edition of CroHoops League all the participants were eager to showcase their basketball skills and IQ up to the max which resulted in the non-stop vivid end-to-end action.   Although some of the players suffered...

Decisive game 3 of Cedevita vs Cibona series received huge publicity push thanks to the head coaches’ feud between Cedevita’s Aleksandar “Aco” Petrovic and Cibona’s Josip “Joke” Vrankovic.   Capacity crowd of...

  Zagreb was able to explore it’s overall physical presence and relative freshness in order to convincingly win game 1 of Croatian A1 League final series by 58:73.   Cedevita had no answer to the play of long-armed Zagreb CO C Luka Zoric w...

  Croatian Championship playoff will begin on Tuesday, May 17th 2011. Best-of-three series are going to be played in 1-1-1 format.   CROATIAN CHAMPIONSHIP (M) – SEMIFINALS, GAME 1s Zadar(2) vs Zagreb CO(3)   79:98 (Zagreb CO leads the se...

    Thanks to the excellent weather conditions on Sunday all the games of 4th round were completed. All teams continued to display exciting transition style of basketball based on the solid skill set and quick recognition of the game situations....

    In front of 2500 spectators in Trnsko, Zagreb CO managed to take advantage of their homecourt and to win game 2 of the final series by 82:72. Home team grabbed the early lead but Cedevita managed to stay close at the halftime (37:36) thanks ...

  According to European club powerhouse Real Madrid has shown interest to possibly acquire Cedevita Zagreb lightning quick PG Dontaye Draper who will most likely become Croatian citizen in the upcoming months in order to play for Croatian NT. ...

  …what could be a major blow not only for Croatian but also for regional basketball organization in it’s future efforts.   Cedevita’s management is extremely unhappy with the level of officiating provided by referee trio Radov...

    Zagreb CO edged Cedevita 85:89 after the game 3 overtime and by sweeping the final series won it’s first ever Croatian title. This accomplishment locked Zagreb CO as #1 team in 2010/11 Croatian Euroleague race and made the dream come t...

2011 Croatian Cadet Championship Final Four took place in Trnsko, Zagreb. This was yet another opportunity for the latest Zagreb CO phenom Mario Hezonja to showcase his overall skills and recent development, while upgrading his profile in scouts’ no...

    With 2011 NBA Draft approaching and with the Early Entry withdrawal deadline in mind (June 13th) Cibona Zagreb versatile F Tomislav Zubcic (7’0”/1990) has worked out for several NBA teams throughout the last week.   Zubcic h...

  Drazen played some of his most inspired ball against NBA elite teams such as Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, which were all able to repeat or even threepeat NBA Champion titles during late 1980ties and early 1990ties.   M...

  According to the undisclosed source close to Croatian NT forward Damir Markota (6’10”/1985/XL Agency) is about to sign one-year extension with Olimpija Ljubljana.   Markota had a solid season for Olimpija proving many ...

  According to Cedevita Zagreb President Mladen Veber “Atlantic Group will continue it’s ongoing support of Cedevita Zagreb”.   Cedevita Zagreb management board has decided to part ways with the head coach Aleksandar “Aco...

 Zagreb CO PF Luka Zoric is about to sign three-year contract with the Spanish powerhouse Unicaja Malaga. Terms of the deal remain undisclosed.   After demonstrating great improvement in 2009/10 season, 6’10”/209cm Zoric was Zagreb CO ...

Toni Kukoc (photo: Vladimir Radicevic/   After undergoing a hip replacement, 42-year old legendary Toni Kukoc is enjoying plenty of golf in retirement. Often matched against MJ Kukoc is still developing his trash-talking skills.   R...

Toni Prostran, Croatian U19 NT 2009.   After skipping the complete season Zagreb CO talented point guard Toni Prostran (6’0”/1991) is reportedly ready for what he did best in the last couple of years – representing Croatia in var...

Dallas Mavericks’ High Fivin’ (photo by   With Dirk Nowitzy scoring 29 points and Mavs’ hitting as much as 13 three-pointers Dallas managed to beat Heat 113:102 to take 3:2 series lead. LeBron James had 17 points, 10 boa...

Top 10 Plays of the Week 10

CHL Division I 18/19 – Lista Strijelaca

Rank Igrač Ekipa PPG
1 Gašparac, Hrvoje Kušlanova 30.0
2 Žilić, Luka Građevinski fakultet 27.5
3 Škara, Josip Građevinski fakultet 24.7
4 Rožman, Filip Invicta 24.1
5 Pavković, Ivan Jankomir Transformers 23.1
6 Gogić, Ivan Jankomir Transformers 23.0
7 Mandić, Bruno Hrelić Disneyland 22.8
8 Kovačević, Tomislav Dubrava Y-Hill 22.2
9 Božić, Hrvoje Savica City 22.0
10 Mravac, Tomislav Hrelić Disneyland 21.8
11 Krajačić, Fred Savica City 21.3
12 Dugandžić, Franko Optika Sokol Stenjevec 21.2
13 Maznik, Mislav Rude Boys 21.1
14 Raić, Domagoj Hrelić Disneyland 20.5
15 Šunjić, Petar Rude Boys 20.0
16 Bekavac, Luka Jankomir Transformers 19.8
17 Češkić, Miron CroHoops Division I All-Stars 19.0
18 Devčić, Branimir Savica City 19.0
19 Kuzmanović, Dario Kušlanova 19.0
20 Novosel, Luka Stožer XII 18.4
21 Šiptar, Tomislav AKK Trešnjevka 18.4
22 Markočić, Matija Optika Sokol Stenjevec 18.0
23 Antunović, Ivo Savica City 18.0
24 Škarić, Andrija Kušlanova 17.8
25 Gajski, Tomislav Bosco 17.2
26 Atelj, Ivan Građevinski fakultet 17.0
27 Slišković, Saša Savica City 16.4
28 Župan, Luka Optika Sokol Stenjevec 16.3
29 Boras, Tomislav AKK Trešnjevka 15.6
30 Bilandžija, Frano Dubrava Y-Hill 15.4
31 Kranjčec, Kristijan Optika Sokol Stenjevec 15.3
32 Katić, Vjeko Stožer XII 15.2
33 Bilić, Jakša Invicta 14.8
34 Livajić, Dario Jankomir Transformers 14.7
35 Mioč, Josip Hrelić Disneyland 14.0
36 Galić, Davor Jankomir Transformers 14.0
37 Starjački, Vjekoslav Dubrava Y-Hill 13.9
38 Perović, Maroje AKK Trešnjevka 13.9
39 Maglajlija, Benjamin Rude Boys 13.8
40 Bebek, Mario Hrelić Disneyland 13.8
41 Matijević, Ante Hrelić Disneyland 13.7
42 Baljkas, Josip Bosco 13.7
43 Lučić, Robert Kušlanova 13.5
44 Tomić, Luka Rude Boys 13.3
45 Pojavnik, Josip Kušlanova 13.1
46 Krešić, Danijel Jankomir Transformers 13.0
47 Matić, Domagoj Jankomir Transformers 13.0
48 Kalinić, Filip CroHoops Division I All-Stars 12.8
49 Pavlović, Luka Bosco 12.8
50 Čibarić, Armano Građevinski fakultet 12.8
51 Grbešić, Franjo CroHoops Division I All-Stars 12.7
52 Brajković, Srđan Stožer XII 12.5
53 Sabljić, Josip Optika Sokol Stenjevec 12.3
54 Dolenčić, Filip Downtown Assassins 12.2
55 Janović, Mislav Bosco 12.0
56 Cesar, Dario Hrelić Disneyland 12.0
57 Piasevoli, Ivan Građevinski fakultet 12.0
58 Dragozet, Hrvoje Invicta 11.9
59 Pavlov, Goran La Perla 11.8
60 Tušek, Tomislav Stožer XII 11.7
61 Mazić, Leonardo Invicta 11.5
62 Baričević, Alan Jankomir Transformers 11.4
63 Barišić, Vedran Kušlanova 11.3
64 Kraljik, Mihovil Kušlanova 11.1
65 Ribičić, Matko Dubrava Y-Hill 11.0
66 Hrabar, Marko AKK Trešnjevka 11.0
67 Milas, Hrvoje Stožer XII 11.0
68 Lončar, Tomislav Jankomir Transformers 10.9
69 Gluhak, Goran Stožer XII 10.8
70 Banić, Bruno Bosco 10.8
71 Matolić, Grgur Rude Boys 10.2
72 Tomac, Don Hrelić Disneyland 10.0
73 Pita, Senad Stožer XII 9.8
74 Nakić, Matej Rude Boys 9.8
75 Zorica, Nikola AKK Trešnjevka 9.7
76 Krstulović, Mislav Rude Boys 9.6
77 Matutinović, Tin Kušlanova 9.6
78 Mandić, Karlo Invicta 9.6
79 Crnčec, Ivan Građevinski fakultet 9.4
80 Gluhačić, Karlo AKK Trešnjevka 9.2
81 Antolović, Tomislav Hrelić Disneyland 9.2
82 Jelenek, Vedran AKK Trešnjevka 9.0
83 Sabolčec, Petar Invicta 8.8
84 Kalinić, Tomislav Dubrava Y-Hill 8.7
85 Kalinić, Adam Dubrava Y-Hill 8.6
86 Rudić, Dino La Perla 8.2
87 Capan, Tomislav Optika Sokol Stenjevec 8.0
88 Andrijanić, Marko Jankomir Transformers 7.8
89 Belošić, Tomislav Dubrava Y-Hill 7.7
90 Vrdoljak, Vinko Bosco 7.6
91 Doderović, Marko Jankomir Transformers 7.3
92 Maslovara, Dean Dubrava Y-Hill 7.3
93 Ramljak, Ivan Hrelić Disneyland 7.2
94 Zadro, Miro Hrelić Disneyland 7.0
95 Klarić, Luka Građevinski fakultet 6.9
96 Kralj, Igor IX Gimnazija 6.8
97 Bosnić, Bojan Savica City 6.6
98 Marijan, Ante Savica City 6.5
99 Vlaho, Matej Optika Sokol Stenjevec 6.4
100 Modrić, Jerko Građevinski fakultet 6.3
101 Šutalo, Karlo Invicta 6.3
102 Galić, Denien Hrelić Disneyland 6.2
103 Lešić, Hrvoje Jankomir Transformers 6.0
104 Erceg, Boris Invicta 6.0
105 Krivić, Jakov AKK Trešnjevka 6.0
106 Govedarica, Petar Invicta 5.9
107 Škiljo, Roko Rude Boys 5.6
108 Bašura-Vlahek, Vedran Optika Sokol Stenjevec 5.6
109 Špiček, Lovro Rude Boys 5.4
110 Poto, Tomislav Kušlanova 5.3
111 Nikić, Anđelko Rude Boys 5.3
112 Gardijan, Marko Građevinski fakultet 5.1
113 Žilić, Drago Stožer XII 4.9
114 Dimitrijević, Matija Kušlanova 4.9
115 Held, Hrvoje Kušlanova 4.8
116 Pejović, Silvano Bosco 4.6
117 Urukalović, Rafael Stožer XII 4.5
118 Tomasović, Marko CroHoops Division I All-Stars 4.4
119 Radulović, Ante Građevinski fakultet 4.4
120 Pajić, Zoran Savica City 4.3
121 Dilber, Karlo Građevinski fakultet 4.3
122 Milanović-Litre, Srećko Optika Sokol Stenjevec 4.3
123 Orešić, Bruno Jankomir Transformers 4.2
124 Ćorić, Ljupko Jankomir Transformers 4.2
125 Barać, Vjeko Građevinski fakultet 4.2
126 Šarinić, Luka Bosco 4.1
127 Piskulić, Frano AKK Trešnjevka 4.0
128 Buljan, Branimir Bosco 4.0
129 Klasić, Nikola AKK Trešnjevka 4.0
130 Dominis, Krešimir Optika Sokol Stenjevec 3.8
131 Prica, Vedran Dubrava Y-Hill 3.8
132 Lijović, Ivan Stožer XII 3.8
133 Pavelić, Filip Bosco 3.5
134 Kozina, Slavko Kušlanova 3.5
135 Borić, Hrvoje Bosco 3.4
136 Bekavac, Ante Jankomir Transformers 3.4
137 Džale, Marinko AKK Trešnjevka 3.2
138 Butković, Robert Rude Boys 3.1
139 Gmajnicki, Kristof-Simon AKK Trešnjevka 3.0
140 Šandrić, Enio Jankomir Transformers 3.0
141 Milaković, Saša Invicta 3.0
142 Konopa, Hrvoje Stožer XII 2.8
143 Nivić, Vlaho Građevinski fakultet 2.8
144 Knez, Marko AKK Trešnjevka 2.7
145 Šavar, Luka Stožer XII 2.3
146 Bijelić, Andrija Bosco 2.3
147 Oroz, Antonio Optika Sokol Stenjevec 2.1
148 Tomac, Dino Hrelić Disneyland 2.0
149 Boras, Zvonimir AKK Trešnjevka 2.0
150 Melada, Ivan Hrelić Disneyland 2.0
151 Stanković, Andro Hrelić Disneyland 1.8
152 Malnar, Anton Kušlanova 1.7
153 Capan, Kristijan Dubrava Y-Hill 1.6
154 Abazović, Sanel Dubrava Y-Hill 1.5
155 Gracin, Bruno Invicta 1.3
156 Gluhak, Damir Stožer XII 1.2
157 Radaković, Igor Invicta 1.2
158 Bebić, Ivan Optika Sokol Stenjevec 1.0
159 Vuksanić, Vlatko Stožer XII 1.0
160 Milardović, Filip Invicta 1.0
161 Megla, Igor Hrelić Disneyland 1.0
162 Dželalija, Toni Invicta 0.7
163 Pelaić, Ivan AKK Trešnjevka 0.3
164 Molnar, Zvonimir Optika Sokol Stenjevec 0.3
165 Krpo, Darko Stožer XII 0.0
166 Čolak, Frano Jankomir Transformers 0.0
167 Krešić, Luka AKK Trešnjevka 0.0
168 Perić, Dominik Građevinski fakultet 0.0
169 Meglaj, Filip Jankomir Transformers 0.0
170 Dmitrović, Marko Savica City 0.0
171 Krivić, Ivan AKK Trešnjevka 0.0
172 Slunjski, Ivan Hrelić Disneyland 0.0
173 Bashota, Luka Hrelić Disneyland 0.0
174 Mijić, Damir Savica City 0.0
175 Salopek, Tomislav Savica City 0.0
176 Švec, Ivan Savica City 0.0
177 Trepalovac, Alen Savica City 0.0
178 Vinko, Marin Dubrava Y-Hill 0.0
179 Gazić, Ante Građevinski fakultet 0.0
180 Liber, Bruno Građevinski fakultet 0.0
181 Pavić, Filip Građevinski fakultet 0.0
182 Pjevac, Dominik Građevinski fakultet 0.0
183 Jagušić, Ivan Građevinski fakultet 0.0
184 Rudić, Roko Stožer XII 0.0
185 Išerić, Deni Optika Sokol Stenjevec 0.0
186 Tomac, Marko OTH Ravens 0.0
187 Škorić, Marko Downtown Assassins 0.0
188 Grgurić, Karlo Građevinski fakultet 0.0
189 Barković, Marko Građevinski fakultet 0.0
190 Zadražil, Tihomir Kušlanova 0.0
191 Ćorić, Ivan Građevinski fakultet 0.0
192 Mažar, Nikola AKK Trešnjevka 0.0
193 Devčić, Hrvoje Savica City 0.0
194 Kokotović, Mislav Downtown Assassins 0.0
195 Hodak, Petar Savica City 0.0
196 Drobac, Andi Kušlanova 0.0
197 Kukolja, Kristian La Perla 0.0
198 Kurta, Niko CroHoops Division I All-Stars 0.0
199 Berisha, Martin Hrelić Disneyland 0.0
200 Hlevnjak, Marko Barić & Sons 0.0
201 Cikron, Andrija Barić & Sons 0.0
202 Petrović, Nenad Barić & Sons 0.0
203 Jakšić, Lovro Građevinski fakultet 0.0
204 Tušek, Filip Stožer XII 0.0
205 Dorić, Ivan Optika Sokol Stenjevec 0.0

Division I Tablica 09.12.2018.

#1 Optika Sokol Stenjevec 10-1 (1021:869)
#2 Građevinski fakultet 9-2 (963:856)
#3 Invicta 9-2 (1009:918)
#4 Jankomir Transformers 8-3 (1095:970)
#5 Bosco 7-4 (954:899)
#6 Dubrava Yellow Hill 6-5 (957:929)
#7 Rude Boys 6-5 (1053:1027)
#8 Kušlanova 5-6 (947:993)
#9 Hrelic Disneyland 2-9 (784:910)
#10 Stožer XII 2-9 (835:983)
#11 AKK Trešnjevka 1-10 (803:913)
#12 Savica City 1-10 (938:1092)

CHL Division II 18/19 – Lista Strijelaca

1Zelić, JureLa Perla27.7
2Gril, NikoHAKK Mladost25.3
3Križanović, JosipOTH Ravens24.6
4Maljić, MatijaAntitalenti24.5
5Ban, MarinBuzin 22s24.0
6Grbešić, FranjoCroHoops Division I All-Stars22.3
7Hlevnjak, MarkoBarić & Sons22.0
8Baljkas, IvanSKK Sibenik20.4
9Kovač, JosipBarić & Sons19.3
10Peran, ŠimeSKK Sibenik18.1
11Božić, DinoAntitalenti17.9
12Bilić, IvanHAKK Mladost17.9
13Dodig, FabijanSKK Sibenik17.0
14Cindrić, LukaAntitalenti16.8
15Konjević, AljošaMicroclima Legionari16.5
16Lončarić, EmanuelOTH Ravens16.2
17Pulić, NikolaSKK Sibenik16.2
18Milatić, JakšaHAKK Mladost16.0
19Hodak, PetarDowntown Assassins16.0
20Češkić, MironCroHoops Division I All-Stars15.9
21Cvitanović, PetarDowntown Assassins15.7
22Balaško, DemianHAKK Mladost15.5
23Ribičić, MatkoDubrava Y-Hill14.9
24Markusi, IvanAntitalenti14.8
25Brusač, MatkoLa Perla14.6
26Boras, AntonioCroHoops Division II All-Stars14.4
27Maras, MateAntitalenti13.3
28Seničić, LukaAntitalenti12.4
29Marinović, MarinSlobosonics12.4
30Čačić, MarinoBarić & Sons12.3
31Koren, LukaBuzin 22s12.1
32Deković, DomagojCroHoops Division II All-Stars12.1
33Bašić, NikoSlobosonics12.1
34Raić, BornaAntitalenti12.0
35Mihaljević, FranSlobosonics11.9
36Tošić, FilipOTH Ravens11.8
37Galić, DomagojLa Perla11.8
38Miko, DamjanMicroclima Legionari11.8
39Vargić, VjekoslavEurostep Playaz11.6
40Bago, MarinHAKK Mladost11.4
41Ljubičić, MislavSlobosonics11.0
42Mucalo, MarioLa Perla11.0
43Kopić, DarkoAntitalenti10.8
44Šćukanec, EmilDowntown Assassins10.3
45Arbutina, LukaHAKK Mladost10.3
46Lučev, ToniSKK Sibenik10.2
47Cikron, AndrijaBarić & Sons10.1
48Pavlov, GoranLa Perla10.0
49Marjančević, MarkoCroHoops Division II All-Stars10.0
50Dolenčić, FilipDowntown Assassins9.8
51Vuchetich, NikoOTH Ravens9.7
52Jakić, PetarBuzin 22s9.3
53Stojanović, IvanEurostep Playaz9.1
54Žužul, AnteHAKK Mladost9.0
55Ljubičić, KarloEurostep Playaz9.0
56Kovačić, VedranAntitalenti8.9
57Radić, FilipHAKK Mladost8.7
58Slivonja, IvanAntitalenti8.6
59Simov, SvenMicroclima Legionari8.5
60Perković, VedranBarić & Sons8.5
61Cota, KarloOTH Ravens8.5
62Galov, DanielOTH Ravens8.4
63Bučević, TomislavEurostep Playaz8.3
64Pahlić, RokoEurostep Playaz8.2
65Beranek, VedranMicroclima Legionari8.2
66Crnković, LovroMicroclima Legionari8.1
67Brlić, IvanUncleDrew’s YoungBloods8.1
68Ćališ, FilipHAKK Mladost8.0
69Pancirov, PaškoSKK Sibenik7.9
70Bilić, FranHAKK Mladost7.8
71Pavlović, LukaLa Perla7.5
72Salaić, SvenDowntown Assassins7.5
73Sučić, ZvonimirAntitalenti7.3
74Ožić, KarloUncleDrew’s YoungBloods7.3
75Kadić, AntonioOTH Ravens7.3
76Musil Todorović, DavidSlobosonics7.3
77Gojnić, MakDowntown Assassins7.3
78Pijanović, FranSlobosonics7.3
79Mićanović, StipanSlobosonics7.2
80Piskač, MarkoHAKK Mladost7.0
81Gnjidić, FilipBuzin 22s6.9
82Kokotović, MislavDowntown Assassins6.8
83Zwettler, ChristianOTH Ravens6.7
84Krstanović, MislavSlobosonics6.6
85Biondić, MislavOTH Ravens6.5
86Bakrač, LukaHAKK Mladost6.5
87Penava, IvanBuzin 22s6.3
88Tadić, JozoSlobosonics6.3
89Marić, AnteUncleDrew’s YoungBloods6.0
90Jelavić, MarkoUncleDrew’s YoungBloods6.0
91Cerovac, LukaUncleDrew’s YoungBloods6.0
92Prug, ToniLa Perla6.0
93Kukolja, KristianLa Perla5.9
94Mrdeža, LovroSKK Sibenik5.9
95Čorhodžić, AdisEurostep Playaz5.7
96Bilić-Prcić, FranoMicroclima Legionari5.6
97Perić, MarioUncleDrew’s YoungBloods5.6
98Zrakić, BonoEurostep Playaz5.6
99Petrović, NenadBarić & Sons5.4
100Pačak, BorjanBarić & Sons5.3
101Topić, AnteEurostep Playaz5.3
102Kranjčec, DavorinBuzin 22s5.3
103Komadina, PaškoSlobosonics5.3
104Hum, MarkoBuzin 22s5.1
105Herceg, StjepanHAKK Mladost5.0
106Jelović, DomagojDowntown Assassins5.0
107Raguž, DarkoEurostep Playaz4.9
108Bubalo, LukaLa Perla4.8
109Mazalin, ŠimeOTH Ravens4.7
110Menix, PavaoMicroclima Legionari4.7
111Ožić, FilipUncleDrew’s YoungBloods4.5
112Perički, IvanBuzin 22s4.4
113Tomac, MarkoOTH Ravens4.3
114Erceg, BorisHAKK Mladost4.3
115Škorić, MarkoDowntown Assassins4.3
116Rogović, DorianOTH Ravens4.2
117Grgec, LovroOTH Ravens4.1
118Ljubej, FranDowntown Assassins4.0
119Krmek, GordanHAKK Mladost4.0
120Lakoš, DinoMicroclima Legionari4.0
121Ćavar, FilipOTH Ravens4.0
122Datković, AntonioSlobosonics4.0
123Varga, VladoSlobosonics3.7
124Jakabfi, SvenBuzin 22s3.7
125Pasini, LukaBarić & Sons3.5
126Kero, MarkoSlobosonics3.5
127Blažinić, DomagojBarić & Sons3.4
128Skokić, DorianSlobosonics3.4
129Božek, PetarOTH Ravens3.3
130Tomasović, MarkoCroHoops Division I All-Stars3.2
131Jelović, MarkoDowntown Assassins3.2
132Bego, IvanSKK Sibenik3.1
133Mikešić, ToniEurostep Playaz3.0
134Novokmet, MateSlobosonics2.9
135Galez, ĐuroUncleDrew’s YoungBloods2.7
136Pilipović, ŽelimirBuzin 22s2.7
137Stiplošek, DaliborMicroclima Legionari2.6
138Veizović, MarkoAntitalenti2.6
139Horvat, DomagojUncleDrew’s YoungBloods2.5
140Talijanac, IvanBuzin 22s2.5
141Koren, PetarEurostep Playaz2.4
142Kulušić, RicardoSKK Sibenik2.3
143Blažević, FranoAntitalenti2.3
144Huljev, DomagojSKK Sibenik2.0
145Bazmenjak, IvanHAKK Mladost2.0
146Kljujev, AndrejEurostep Playaz2.0
147Horvat, FilipBarić & Sons2.0
148Topić, IvanAntitalenti1.6
149Kostanić, MarkoLa Perla1.6
150Rudić, DinoLa Perla1.3
151Paljušić, AlenSlobosonics1.3
152Miočić, DarioBuzin 22s1.0
153Stiperski, IvanUncleDrew’s YoungBloods0.9
154Petrović, JakovSKK Sibenik0.9
155Barić, IgorBarić & Sons0.8
156Dukić Hrvoić, JurajDowntown Assassins0.6
157Ferlež, LukaBuzin 22s0.6
158Markušić, MatijaMicroclima Legionari0.5
159Čančar, DamirBuzin 22s0.5
160Kuraja, MatejAntitalenti0.0
161Cortés Elorza, IñigoOTH Ravens0.0
162Horvat, MataSlobosonics0.0
163Ivanković, VedranBarić & Sons0.0
164Veverec, LukaBarić & Sons0.0
165Dvorneković, DanijelBarić & Sons0.0
166Čuljat, NikolaAntitalenti0.0
167Bura, ValentinOTH Ravens0.0
168Kunić, LovroUncleDrew’s YoungBloods0.0
169Šarinić, LukaBosco0.0
170Pavelić, FilipBosco0.0
171Buljan, BranimirBosco0.0
172Gajski, TomislavBosco0.0
173Izetbegović, OmarBarić & Sons0.0
174Banić, BrunoBosco0.0
175Bijelić, AndrijaBosco0.0
176Held, HrvojeKušlanova0.0
177Škiljo, RokoRude Boys0.0
178Drobac, AndiKušlanova0.0
179Butković, RobertRude Boys0.0
180Tomić, LukaRude Boys0.0
181Nikić, AnđelkoRude Boys0.0
182Krstulović, MislavRude Boys0.0
183Bašić, AnteBarić & Sons0.0
184Skočir, DinoUncleDrew’s YoungBloods0.0
185Matolić, GrgurRude Boys0.0
186Gracin, BrunoInvicta0.0
187Nakić, MatejRude Boys0.0
188Vranić, BernardSKK Sibenik0.0
189Malnar, AntonKušlanova0.0
190Kopanja, PetarSKK Sibenik0.0
191Milanović-Litre, SrećkoOptika Sokol Stenjevec0.0
192Vrdoljak, VinkoBosco0.0
193Baljkas, JosipBosco0.0
194Žagar, MaksimilijanUncleDrew’s YoungBloods0.0
195Radaković, IgorInvicta0.0
196Pojavnik, JosipKušlanova0.0
197Pejović, SilvanoBosco0.0
198Dimitrijević, MatijaKušlanova0.0
199Matutinović, TinKušlanova0.0
200Bradvica, MislavLa Perla0.0
201Petrović, DuškoLa Perla0.0
202Vidović, ViceSKK Sibenik0.0
203Šeparović, MarkoOTH Ravens0.0
204Hafner, IvanUncleDrew’s YoungBloods0.0
205Borić, HrvojeBosco0.0
206Brusač, MislavLa Perla0.0
207Micić, JosipEurostep Playaz0.0
208Jerkin, AnteSKK Sibenik0.0
209Grgić, DomagojSlobosonics0.0
210Lovrić, ToniSKK Sibenik0.0
211Žugaj, LukaMicroclima Legionari0.0
212Kološ, BorisEurostep Playaz0.0
213Modrić, NikšaUncleDrew’s YoungBloods0.0
214Periša, Jakov JureHAKK Mladost0.0
215Gašparac, HrvojeKušlanova0.0
216Lučić, RobertKušlanova0.0
217Poto, TomislavKušlanova0.0
218Kozina, SlavkoKušlanova0.0
219Zadražil, TihomirKušlanova0.0
220Barišić, VedranKušlanova0.0
221Maglajlija, BenjaminRude Boys0.0
222Jelovčić, RokoSKK Sibenik0.0
223Hanžek, VjeranHAKK Mladost0.0
224Milošević, LukaHAKK Mladost0.0
225Kalinterna, IvanHAKK Mladost0.0
226Markežić, MarkoMicroclima Legionari0.0
227Nerber, IvanSKK Sibenik0.0
228Bašić, IvanSlobosonics0.0

Division II Tablica 09.12.2018.

#1 Antitalenti 9-1 (869:572)
#2 HAKK Mladost 9-1 (798:635)
#3 SKK Šibenik 8-2 (698:642)
#4 Eurostep Playaz 7-3 (630:566)
#5 Microclima Legionari 6-4 (700:628)
#6 Slobosonics 6-4 (694:631)
#7 OTH Ravens 4-6 (743:725)
#8 La Perla 4-6 (637:687)
#9 Baric & Sons 3-7 (690:713)
#10 Uncle Drew’s Young Bloods 3-7 (582:739)
#11 Downtown Assassins 1-9 (579:821)
#12 Buzin 22s 0-10 (561:824)