Short profile:…MVP of the 2010, 2011, 2012 CroHoops Summer League Zagreb…virtualy unstoppable 6’6” handler with solid range and vertical leap…seens to be playing like on wheels most of the time with the ball…holds all-t...

Short profile:…nicknamed “Chukee”…one of the most versatile players of the league…sharp-shooting 6’4” forward who can fill it up from anywhere…loves to score in bunches and initiate scoring runs…holds ...

Short profile:…one of the most prominent defensive specialists of the entire league…6’5” guard/forward who shots down passing lanes to top opponent’s scorers and creates virtual havoc on D…can guard positions 1-3…...

Short profile:…nicknamed “Milk”…6’1” warp speed point guard…the most versatile player in the league…virtual triple-threat…can log triple-double (points+rebounds+assists) against any team in the league&...

Short profile:…6’6” swingman with the most lethal outside shooting touch in the league…virtually can not be left alone on 6.75…can finish the break with style…combines experience and nice athleticism with great shooting...

Short profile:…6’4” combo guard…one of the most versatile players in the league…loves to shut down his player on D and jump right over him on O with his 35+ inch vertical …holds scoring record with 49 PTS in a game vs. ...

Short profile:…the most reliable double-double threat of the entire league…has lethal mid-range jumper and is not afraid to fill it up over anyone…uses the glass regularly…powerful rebounder for his 6’6” frame…on ...

Gusic at the free-throw line for Savica City during 2013 winter league game vs. Istok, december 1st 2013.   Short Profile: nicknamed “Gule”…plays both forward spots at 6’8”…the most dominant rebounder ever to play ...

Short profile:…nicknamed “Felix”…plays both forward spots at 6’7”…loves to go to his right and is very good at it…has nice first step and has long legs and arms…nice shooting stroke from the outside...

Player Profile:…combo guard with three year CHL experience…6’3” shooting specialist who convincingly won 2012 Jaksa Denich Memorial Game three-point shot out…prior to Bukovacko Srce he played for Botinec (2010, 2011), Kupinecki Kraljevec...

Short profile:…one of the most explosive guards in the league…has dynamite in his legs…controls the rock and pace each and every second he is on the floor…has a nice range of cross-over moves…finds holes in defense with ease,...

Short profile:…one of the most dynamic and reliable forwards in the league…can log double-double (points & boards) each and every game…very aggressive on D, can guard positions 1-4…explosive in the open floor, loves to dunk th...

Damir ‘Felix’ Mijic Highlights

Tablica Lige nakon 18. kola

1. Jankomir 17-1(1647:1362) 35b
2. Savica 16-2 (1647:1356) 34b
3. Invicta 11-6 (1423:1293) 28b (-1)
4. Trešnjevka 10-7 (1534:1452) 27b
5. Zadar 10-6 (1426:1293) 26b (-2)
6. Optika 7-9 (1306:1339) 23b (-2)
7. Dubrava 7-8 (1100:1215) 22b (-2)
8. Sloboština 5-11 (1324:1328) 21b (-2)
9. Hrelić 4-13 (1304:1488) 21b (-1)
10. MD Zadar 3-13 (1001:1272) 19b
11. Bjelovar 3-7 (684:774) 13b
12. Zelina 4-7(554:793) 13b

ažurirano: 26.2.2017.

Nastup tjedna – Franjo Grbešić

Lista Strijelaca Sezona 2016/17

1Grozdanić, MarkoInvicta30.7
2Baran, NikolaInvicta26.1
3Tomić, KarloMali Dućan Zadar26.0
4Mijić, DamirSavica City25.0
5Perić, LucianMali Dućan Zadar25.0
6Kalinić, AdamKK Zelina24.6
7Morić, IvanDubrava Y-Hill24.5
8Gogić, IvanJankomir Transformers24.1
9Stanić, FilipSlobostina24.0
10Beram, DominikMali Dućan Zadar23.5
11Boras, TomislavTresnjevka Zrinjevac23.3
12Šiptar, TomislavTresnjevka Zrinjevac22.4
13Raić, DomagojHrelic Disneyland22.1
14Kolanović, Toni22.0
15Žilić, LukaZadar21.7
16Nikolić, IlijaBjelovar Go2Oka21.5
17Franjić, DarioTresnjevka Zrinjevac19.9
18Kežman, BojanInvicta19.0
19Barbir, MateOptika Sokol18.7
20Lončar, TomoSlobostina18.6
21Salopek, TomislavSavica City18.5
22Dodig, KrešimirMali Dućan Zadar18.3
23Baljkas, JosipHrelic Disneyland18.3
24Pandur, KarloKK Zelina18.0
25Krajačić, FredSavica City18.0
26Perić, DominikMijić iz Savice u Savigliano!!!18.0
27Baričević, AlanJankomir Transformers17.8
28Grbešić, FranjoInvicta17.7
29Kovačević, TomislavSlobostina17.5
30Lovrić, MiroBjelovar Go2Oka17.3
31Nikolić, IvanBjelovar Go2Oka16.5
32Bilandžija, FranoDubrava Y-Hill16.0
33Maslovara, DeanSlobostina16.0
34Brigljević, IgorHrelic Disneyland15.8
35Trepalovac, AlenSavica City15.7
36Milković, NenadJankomir Transformers15.6
37Livajić, DarioJankomir Transformers15.3
38Čikeš, IvoKK Zelina15.0
39Milković, TomislavSlobostina15.0
40Bashota, LukaHrelic Disneyland15.0
41Palinić, FilipDubrava Y-Hill14.5
42Vinko, MarinDubrava Y-Hill13.5
43Benković, TomislavOptika Sokol13.5
44Vrček, VidSlobostina13.3
45Karuc, IvanZadar13.3
46Hlevnjak, MarkoDubrava Y-Hill13.3
47Capan, TomislavOptika Sokol13.3
48Grašić, MichaelTresnjevka Zrinjevac13.0
49Soldo, PetarMali Dućan Zadar13.0
50Mamić, HrvojeOptika Sokol12.9
51Piasevoli, IvanZadar12.9
52Poldrugač, MarkoKK Zelina12.7
53Hrabar, MarkoOptika Sokol12.6
54Krivić, IvanTresnjevka Zrinjevac12.3
55Ivanković, Mario12.3
56Devčić, BranimirSavica City12.3
57Malenica, Ivan12.1
58Pajić, ZoranBjelovar Go2Oka12.0
59Tomić, LukaMali Dućan Zadar12.0
60Jonjić, Ivan11.8
61Jović, NikolaDubrava Y-Hill11.7
62Babić, GoranOptika Sokol11.5
63Štimac, Bruno11.4
64Rogović, DorianBjelovar Go2Oka11.2
65Rončević, JurajInvicta11.2
66Pavlov, GoranSavica City11.1
67Gulam, DinoKK Zelina11.1
68Sikavica, JoškoJankomir Transformers11.0
69Malnar, AntonSlobostina11.0
70Car, IgorSlobostina11.0
71Medak, MiranJankomir Transformers11.0
72Maglić, MarkoDubrava Y-Hill11.0
73Krivić, JakovTresnjevka Zrinjevac10.9
74Juran, PereMali Dućan Zadar10.7
75Deković, MatkoZadar10.7
76Prošev, AndrejTresnjevka Zrinjevac10.7
77Oroz, AntonioOptika Sokol10.6
78Škifić, NikoMali Dućan Zadar10.6
79Begonja, LukaMali Dućan Zadar10.5
80Batan, LeonInvicta10.5
81Špiček, LovroSlobostina10.4
82Meglaj, FilipJankomir Transformers10.4
83Slišković, SašaSavica City10.3
84Božić, HrvojeSavica City10.3
85Lončar, TomislavJankomir Transformers10.2
86Ramljak, IvanHrelic Disneyland10.1
87Fruk, JosipKK Zelina10.0
88Jurajec-Baranović, MelkiorTresnjevka Zrinjevac10.0
89Frljak, MatijaKK Zelina10.0
90Vukoja, IvanInvicta10.0
91Bebek, MarioHrelic Disneyland9.8
92Vrdoljak, VinkoSlobostina9.5
93Starjački, VjekoslavDubrava Y-Hill9.2
94Prica, VedranDubrava Y-Hill9.2
95Marčinković, NedoTresnjevka Zrinjevac9.1
96Dmitrović, MarkoSavica City9.1
97Galić, DenienHrelic Disneyland9.0
98Bekavac, LukaJankomir Transformers8.8
99Kolovrat, DinoBjelovar Go2Oka8.7
100Kos, BorisOptika Sokol8.7
101Mazić, LeonardoInvicta8.7
102Slunjski, IvanHrelic Disneyland8.5
103Pojavnik, JosipInvicta8.3
104Matić, DomagojJankomir Transformers8.3
105Jugović, DamirBjelovar Go2Oka8.0
106Radonjić, NikolaMali Dućan Zadar8.0
107Kurta, Niko8.0
108Doderović, MarkoJankomir Transformers7.8
109Melkić, MladenBjelovar Go2Oka7.8
110Zeman, IvorBjelovar Go2Oka7.5
111Zorica, NikolaSlobostina7.5
112Tomasović, MarkoSavica City7.4
113Marijan, AnteSavica City7.3
114Perić, BojanMali Dućan Zadar7.1
115Pokas, KrunoBjelovar Go2Oka7.0
116Antolović, TomislavHrelic Disneyland7.0
117Pajić, ViktorBjelovar Go2Oka7.0
118Kalinić, TomislavKK Zelina7.0
119Sabljak, SvenInvicta7.0
120Bosnić, BojanSavica City6.9
121Horvat, KrunoslavHrelic Disneyland6.8
122Pejović, SilvanoSlobostina6.7
123Belošić, TomislavKK Zelina6.6
124Škorić, MarkoOptika Sokol6.3
125Govedarica, PetarInvicta6.3
126Benčić, Bruno6.0
127Gregorić, KarloHrelic Disneyland6.0
128Jurković, TomislavSlobostina6.0
129Cikron, AndrijaDubrava Y-Hill5.8
130Mračić, TomislavZadar5.7
131Horvat, LukaOptika Sokol5.5
132Lončar, LukaJankomir Transformers5.5
133Uzelac, NikolaDubrava Y-Hill5.5
134Milaković, SašaInvicta5.5
135Dananić, HrvojeKK Zelina5.5
137Lešić, HrvojeJankomir Transformers5.4
138Gluhačić, KarloSlobostina5.2
139Buljan, Branimir5.2
140Deković, JurajZadar5.1
141Canjuga, JosipDubrava Y-Hill5.1
142Šutalo, FilipMali Dućan Zadar5.0
143Mareković, RajkoOptika Sokol5.0
144Džale, MarinkoTresnjevka Zrinjevac4.8
145Plavec, MarkoOptika Sokol4.8
146Horvatin, BrunoOptika Sokol4.8
147Jelavić, TomislavJankomir Transformers4.7
148Glamuzina, GoranSlobostina4.7
149Šandrić, EnioJankomir Transformers4.6
150Zoričić, TomislavHrelic Disneyland4.5
151Bralić, ViceZadar4.5
152Kero, MarkoOptika Sokol4.4
153Radaković, IgorInvicta4.4
154Arvay, ZrinkoBjelovar Go2Oka4.3
155Ćurić, IvanDubrava Y-Hill4.0
156Kelava, MarioBjelovar Go2Oka4.0
157Boras, ZvonimirTresnjevka Zrinjevac3.8
158Antolković, IvanHrelic Disneyland3.8
159Dželalija, ToniInvicta3.5
160Abazović, SanelSlobostina3.4
161Stanković, AndroHrelic Disneyland3.3
162Jelović, AnteMali Dućan Zadar3.0
163Ljolje, Marin2.7
164Plećaš, NikolaOptika Sokol2.7
165Mićin, KristijanDubrava Y-Hill2.7
166Butina, TomislavOptika Sokol2.7
167Bekavac, AnteJankomir Transformers2.6
168Švec, IvanSavica City2.5
169Vranešić, FilipDubrava Y-Hill2.5
170Marčinković, LukaTresnjevka Zrinjevac2.4
171Ljubičić, LovreMali Dućan Zadar2.4
172Baštek, KarloMali Dućan Zadar2.2
173Pera, FabioMali Dućan Zadar2.0
174Kaliterna, IvanSlobostina2.0
175Berisha, MartinHrelic Disneyland2.0
176Ćubek, NikolaKK Zelina2.0
177Skroče, StipeTresnjevka Zrinjevac2.0
178Jambrović, Marko2.0
179Hajdić, RokoZadar2.0
180Štokić, DanielInvicta1.8
181Nivić, VlahoZadar1.8
182Vidman, NenadOptika Sokol1.3
183Erslan, ŠimeZadar1.3
184Nenadić, ZlatkoJankomir Transformers1.2
185Mesiček, MarkoJankomir Transformers1.2
186Pavelić, MijatHrelic Disneyland1.2
187Alavanja, JureDubrava Y-Hill1.0
188Crnjac, LukaDubrava Y-Hill1.0
189Šuškvić, TinoDubrava Y-Hill1.0
190Popović, MatejDubrava Y-Hill1.0
191Lujo, DinoInvicta1.0
192Tomičić, IvanMali Dućan Zadar0.7
193Lopac, VjekoMali Dućan Zadar0.0
194Malec, MarkoHrelic Disneyland0.0
195Muža, IvanSlobostina0.0
196Žiger, IgorJankomir Transformers0.0
197Baković, DavorJankomir Transformers0.0
198Picok, GoranSlobostina0.0
199Perinić, LovreMali Dućan Zadar0.0
200Mahmutović, AlanSavica City0.0
201Repec, Filip0.0
202Bagarić, MatejSlobostina0.0
203Matijević, AnteHrelic Disneyland0.0
204Kalinić, LukaKK Zelina0.0
205Belas, IvanDubrava Y-Hill0.0
206Boras, AntonioOptika Sokol0.0
207Kapelčan, MladenOptika Sokol0.0
208Tomac, MarkoOptika Sokol0.0