What Is CroHoops League?

CroHoops Outdoor Basketball League is 5-on-5 basketball competition which is played each year on the open courts of Croatian capitol of Zagreb. Competition lasts from May until September with the summer break during July & August. In 2012 CroHoops League entered it's 3rd consecutive season. Over 100 players enrolled for 9 teams from the various city parts. They ALL experienced action in more than 30 highly intense basketball encounters which took place on various city courts. Most talented rookie class ever took the quality of the play to a completely new level. There were 22 slam dunks during the competition. With such intensity on the court CroHoops crew made the maximum effort to keep the pace of the court. In it's constant effort to keep the regularity of the competition on the highest possible level within it's given budget, while giving the competitors proper chance to express their skills, CroHoops crew made it's maximum effort in the area of refeere recruiting and supervising. Several times this season referees used video tape to confirm their final decisions. Also CroHoops crew made additional effort to track down individual statistics and record a video from each and every game which were all published on league’s site CroHoops.com which was renewed in cooperation with partner site CroSarka.com. We feel both confident and excited about the future of our competition regardless of the turbulent conditions in our environment.

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