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FINALY SOME STRATEGIC THINKING: Josip “Joke” Vrankovic resigns as Cibona Zagreb head coach


After posting solid 5-3 Adriatic League record Cibona Zagreb head coach and ex-Croatian NT head coach Josip “Joke” Vrankovic again managed to shock Croatian sports public with his today’s immediate resignation from Cibona’s coaching helm.


Vrankovic explained his most recent act with a difference of opinions with team’s management regarding team’s options to solve the most burning issue right now, point guard non-effectiveness to set up and execute plays at the both ends of the floor.


Cibona has just brought back veteran Davor Kus but that obviously wasn’t enough for Vrankovic appetites, especially bearing in mind that Cibona’s point guards might get “eaten for breakfast” from top notch PGs such as Cedevita’s Dontaye Draper and Zagreb CO’s incoming NBA-er T.J. Ford.


Looking from that perspective today’s Vrankovic resignation shouldn’t present any kind of surprise after he saw what T.J. Ford is capable of doing in just 13 minutes of action. Total havoc of opponents zone or any other kind of defense.


Coaching source close to has YESTERDAY listed several other potential reasons for his resignation:  “Joke is under significant pressure because his team has a tougher schedule ahead right now. They didn’t yet establish offensive flow and defined their offensive options. What really bothers Vrankovic right now is that reportedly disappointed individual from the stands threw a jacket on him during one of the of the most recent games.


Brief look at Adriatic League team statistics reveals that Cibona is shooting only 50% on two-pointers (13th in Adriatic League), rebounding only 27.9 times per game (12th) and averaging only 13.1 assists per game (10th) while turning the ball over 13.8 times per game (6th).


Whoever takes over from Vrankovic will have a very tough winter.



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