LONDON INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT, DAY 5: Croatia suffers embarrasing 60:83 loss to France

Marko Tomas, Croatia (photo by


Without it’s leading scorer in preparation cycle SG Kruno Simon, Croatia really had no clue how to deal with the pressing French NT and lost the game by 60:83.


Croatia managed to hit ONLY ONE THREE-POINTER OUT OF SEVENTEEN ATTEMPTS (Popovic) and to score it’s first transition basket as late as 25th minute of the game!


G/F Bojan Bogdanovic led Croatia with 16 points to go along with 7 boards, but ended 0-5 from downtown. C Stanko Barac added 13 points, while PF Luka Zoric had 10 points.


General impression is that Croatia has the tools to battle underneath the basket against anyone but still lacks much needed cohesion in the backcourt, especially under the pressure.


Coach Vrankovic had little/no success with implementing key tactical solutions during preparation cycle which could get Croatian NT in some early trouble at the upcoming EuroBasket.


G/F Marko Tomas left the game with the leg injury which is still not diagnosed. Tomorrow, Croatia will face China in the last game of it’s EuroBasket preparation cycle.